I was excited to be a participant in the 'oneTree Exhibition'.  For more information on the background and other artists, just click on the image next to this text.

I'd like to thank the organizing committee for the opportunity to create and display my vision.  I'd especially like to thank Merlayna Snyder for her guidance and encouraging words.


I've been obsessed with bull kelp for the past year or so.   My first introduction to bull kelp was on the shoreline at Finlayson Point.  Coming from rural Ontario I had no idea what these 'snake like' creatures were lying on the sand.  I've seen garter snakes in 'snake balls' before but this was on                                                      another scale of weird.  After closer inspection I                                                      realized that these creatures were                                                                              obviously marine plants that had been washed                                                        ashore.  I ventured out to the rocky abyss and                                                          witnessed what I can only describe as a Medusa                                                    Dance. Several plants swaying and darting to the                                                    ocean's will and it reminded of the mythical creature Medusa with her hair writhing with snakes.  And so the creative           journey had its origin. The sculptures that I have created are no means anatomically correct. They are mere representations and strive to illustrate the graceful movements and currents of the ocean.   

Here's a visual story (somewhat chronological) of the Medusa Sisters for the oneTree Exhibition.